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What to eat in the afternoon tea...

What to eat at tea time? Korean fried chicken is undoubtedly among them! If you're worried about what to eat, you can't beat trying out my treasured tea-time breakdowns.

Black Pepper Chicken Nuggets

Black pepper chicken pieces round head, golden color, just open the bag, aroma aroma nose; a bite down burnt yellow inside tender, chicken tender round, channel with a strong black pepper flavor; black pepper chicken pieces skin coating thin, 肯德基下午茶 no wheat flour sense, people must also remember to eat while hot oh.

Golden butterfly shrimp

Golden butterfly shrimp color golden temptation, crunchy taste, fresh shrimp tight round, delicious, one bite, with tomato sauce more delicious. For lovers of lobster partners, golden butterfly shrimp must try, only 19 yuan will enable you to eat to reach, high value, taste, a bite of a sure belly; people must eat while it is hot, dipped in a little tomato salsa, taste more awesome.

Cheese hot dog stick

Golden crispy shell wrapped in soft and fresh hot dog sausage, a bite down, teeth over the golden aromatic fried powder, the sweetness of cream cheese overflowing the whole mouth inside, a slight tug can also be metal pulling silk. Like tomato salsa and salad dressing partners, be sure to apply a layer, while the hot taste becomes fragrant oh.

Chicken Wing Root Boneless Fried Chicken Set Contents

The three men cartoon image design on the takeaway box is online, open the tin foil package, the fried chicken inside are all hot, Korean spicy sauce is certainly the life of fried chicken, satisfaction Max. chicken wing root boneless fried chicken package content is really a good deal, only 23.8 yuan, you will also be able to enjoy 2 chicken wing root, 4 boneless fried chicken, 5 green bean cake and a bottle of cola.

The super spicy sauce completely envelops the chicken and mung bean cake, which is very tasty indeed. The thin skin of the fried chicken is thick, the mung bean cake is soft and chewy, and a sip of the cold cola is a real treat.

Korean-style seaweed rice

As we all know, a pure Korean-style nori rice, at least 30 +! I ordered this one, nori scraps taste burnt not burnt crispy, rice is soft and sweet. Point and shoot words is more than twenty, and will continue to fully automatic enjoy the delivery fee reduced 3 yuan, and then add the coupons of the United States group can also special 6 yuan, 19.8 yuan down, really very good deal.


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