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What health problems should you ...

First, the tongue is yellow.

Yellow tongue is mostly caused by improper diet. For example, if you eat some beverages that contain food coloring, your tongue will turn yellow. At this time, just rinse your mouth or drink a little more water to immediately improve the yellowing of your tongue. In addition, people who take drugs for a long time. People who have a habit of smoking also have yellow tongues, and they are often accompanied by bad breath.

Second, the tongue is white and thick.

Some people have white, thick and sticky tongue coating. This situation is mostly caused by inadequate oral hygiene or gastrointestinal diseases. At this time, as long as you pay more attention to oral hygiene, you can improve the thick white and sticky tongue coating. If it is caused by a gastrointestinal disease, the symptoms will be relieved after the original disease is cured. If the tongue coating is too thick and greasy, you can use professional tools to scrape off the excess tongue coating, but pay attention to avoid damaging the tongue and affecting the taste buds.

Three, red tongue.

If the body is deficient in vitamin B and folic acid, the tongue may turn red. It should be noted that scarlet fever can also cause red tongue, which is a terrible disease. If the tongue is red, accompanied by fever, sore throat, skin rash, etc. , You must seek medical attention in time to confirm whether there is scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is a very harmful infectious disease. In severe cases, it can be complicated by sinusitis, nephritis and other diseases, which must HCU.

Four, the tongue is black.

A small number of people will have the symptoms of black tongue after long-term use of antibiotics. Therefore, they must not take them by themselves when using such drugs. They must be used rationally under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, some tongue lesions can also cause black tongue, such as excessive proliferation of tongue papillae. Coupled with the influence and stimulation of fungi, the tongue coating will turn black.

It can be seen that there are still many abnormalities in the tongue, but people do not pay much attention to the tongue. Therefore, no matter what the reason is, the abnormal tongue should be improved and treated in time, especially if the tongue is red, to determine whether there is scarlet fever. At the same time, pay attention to oral hygiene and healthy diet in life, and minimize the stimulation of the oral cavity in order to better avoid tongue lesions.


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