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There are three main classification methods for sports equipment:

(1) Classified by sport, this is a way to classify all equipment related to the same sport, such as track and field equipment, weightlifting equipment, ice and snow equipment, etc.

According to the nature of sports fitness equipment, it can generally be divided into four categories: designated equipment, self-provided equipment, venue equipment and other equipment. Designated equipment is used by both sides of the competition. In order to avoid disagreement, the brand (trademark), manufacturer and specifications of the equipment must be 女私人健身教練 in advance; self-provided equipment is the equipment used by the athletes themselves, such as rackets, sailing boats and rowing boats. , Oars, sportswear, protective gear, shoes and hats, etc.; venue equipment refers to the facilities and equipment of competition and training venues, such as various goals, ball racks, baffles, timing and scoring equipment, referee equipment, etc.; others Equipment mainly refers to equipment used in non-competitions, generally equipment for physical training, fitness activities, and sports and entertainment.

According to the classification of sports equipment, it is divided into sports fitness equipment, national defense and military sports fitness equipment, Chinese folk sports fitness equipment, fitness and fitness physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment, children's sports recreation equipment, sports equipment for the disabled, auxiliary equipment, etc.

Aerobic equipment

1. Waist twister

Waist wrappers are also called outdoor waist wrappers and are usually used by two or three people. Like other outdoor fitness equipment, it is placed in outdoor venues for activities. It is more common in community fitness plazas, sports plazas and various outdoor sports and fitness venues. General specification 1340*1200*1270 Main function: Enhance the strength of the waist and abdominal muscles, improve the flexibility and flexibility of the lumbar spine and hip joints, which is conducive to bodybuilding.

Healthy cycling machine is one of the commonly used fitness equipment in the community.

The movements are too fast and uneven, which can easily cause sports injuries. On the one hand, moving too fast may cause injuries such as squeezing and collision; on the other hand, it is easy to cause muscle or tendon damage. Cause discomfort and even pain in the lumbar spine, cervical spine, shoulder and back.

3. Horizontal bar

The purpose of doing horizontal bars is to stimulate the muscles. 60-year-olds do not need to do too fast and do not need to do 100% effort. people with moderate symptoms of intervertebral disc herniation can do moderate flexion of the arms on the horizontal bar, foot on the ground, and hang more than half of the body weight. The effect is equivalent to hanging traction.

4. Space walker

It is aerobic fitness equipment. Some elderly people increase their strides on the space walker sports equipment, and the span reaches 160 degrees to 180 degrees. It is quite dangerous to use the space walker as a "dynamic leg splitter". Because it may cause the hip ligaments to relax, it is easy to cause dislocation. The elderly should do more low-intensity repetitive aerobic exercise.

5. Running machine

The sliding machine is also suitable for elderly sports equipment, but a few old comrades are playing this equipment too fast. Based on a cycle of 360 degrees, the average elderly friend should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles in one second.

There are so many types of fitness equipment, how to classify

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