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The chicken wing tips, read the ...

I really like to eat fried chicken wings, especially the crispy outside and the tender inside, which really makes people want to eat. But the ones sold outside are so expensive, and some areas are likely to use the oil that has been fried for a long time without changing it, or some chicken wings that are not freshly fried, which is a safety hazard for physical and mental health. So I'm slowly doing it myself at home, and 氣炸雞翼, and their own choice of food itself is at ease, to make a more healthy.

But many people are reluctant to do it, thinking about it is very complicated, and many people today do not have a lot of time to do it. In fact, fried chicken wings are very easy and take very little time. Just marinate the wings early in the night and wait for the eating situation to be quick.

Especially for parents with small children, who like to eat, why not give it a try for the sake of your baby's physical and mental health.

Fried chicken wings]

Food required: 7 chicken wings. Bread crumbs in the right amount. Wheat flour in the right amount. 1 raw egg. Sesame pepper moderate amount. Spicy small spoon. Cumin powder small spoon. Salt 3g. Water 1 tbsp. Ginger to taste. Garlic 5 cloves. Chili pepper 1 tbsp. Black pepper moderate amount

Preparation process.

1. first of all, the chicken wings prepared in advance to clean up neatly, and then soak in cold water for an hour or so, during the period to often fish tank to change the water, so as to be able to better remove the blood. After soaking, use a knife to slash a few knives on the opposite side of the chicken wings, so that they can then be marinated to facilitate the taste;.

2. Put the prepared chicken wings into a bowl and then add the right amount of water. A small spoonful of spicy. A small spoonful of cumin. A small spoonful of white pepper. A spoonful of chili noodles. Sliced ginger. Sesame pepper. Salt. And its garlic granules are poured into the chicken wings, mixed well;

3. mix well and then pour together into a plastic bag, seal the bag tightly and put it in the freezer overnight.

4. Once the chicken wings are marinated, you can prepare them in advance for drying. Take another 2 bowls, one beaten into 1 raw egg, mix well, the other add the right amount of wheat flour, wheat flour add black pepper and spices and mix well.

5. Marinated chicken wings will be coated with wheat flour, then dip the egg mixture, and finally in the wrapping bread crumbs, wrapped with hands, so that the bread crumbs can not just fall down;.

6. take a pot, add the right amount of there, the temperature of sixty percent hot in the case of everyone needs to be under the chicken wings, at this moment must be civil fire frying, about ten minutes up and down, cooked through, the frying process is often turned over;.

7. so fried chicken wings are done, whether very simple. And make the chicken wings taste not worse than the McDonald's, and do it yourself you feel at ease.

Warm tips.

1. Be sure to soak out as much blood and water from the wings as possible.

2. Some people are not sure how to judge the temperature, in the case of heating the oil, we can put some bread crumbs in, and when the bread crumbs are in the pan by the rapid upward small bubbles at the same time you can put the chicken wings in

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