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Psoriasis is a common skin disease, head psoriasis although not immediately endanger life, but there is immediate harm to physical and mental health and physical health, its prevention at this stage is to prevent the exacerbation of the patient's condition and seizures, that is, to increase the mitigation period in terms of the following to introduce the way to prevent psoriasis on the head .

1, looking for the regularity of psoriasis, proactive prevention: because of the variability of psoriasis, the condition of the disease is different for each person, should find their own weak points and pay attention to many aspects.

2, clear anxiety elements, learn to release pressure: anxiety, restlessness, fear, irritation and other psychological disorders, no doubt to the adverse effects of the disease, to learn to train self-adjustment, open-mindedness and generosity, shaping the confidence and self-confidence to fight the disease, but also need to maintain and the surrounding groups of good association, do not have to be sick and low introversion.


3, pay attention to dietary health and safety, reasonable diet: taste light as the main, less alcohol, do not eat ingredients that cause allergic symptoms, such as beef, seafood, etc.; pay attention to dietary health and safety, to prevent colitis and other diseases.


4, do not take drugs indiscriminately to prevent serious harm: more than 80% of patients have the experience of exacerbating the disease due to unreasonable treatment, patients should learn as much as possible about psoriasis expertise to ensure that they know each other and prevent being deceived.

The winter is the peak time for psoriasis to intensify and flare up, for the head psoriasis patients, although the medical treatment is critical, and grasp the suitable way more conducive to the treatment and prevention of disease.


一部の人々は乾癬に苦しんでおり、頭頂部は病気になりやすい場所です。 乾癬は頭頂部に成長し、非常に不便です。 頭頂部の乾癬を治療するには、病気の重症度と重症度を区別する必要があります。 治療方法は漢方や西洋医学が一般的で、実際の治療薬は内服薬...




頭皮癬是一種秀髮和頭髪由肌膚病菌感染造成的念珠菌性病症,且頭皮癬多產生於小孩子,一般產生在十二歲下列的少年兒童。一般狀況下,依據感柒細菌的不一樣和病症的不一樣分成黃癬、膿癬、白癬、小黑點癬等。依據不一樣的臨床表現,病人能夠 在技術專業皮膚科...


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