These people are not suitable for eating hawthorn pills


First, pregnant women

Female friends are not suitable to eat hawthorn pills during pregnancy, because hawthorn can cause uterine contractions. If a woman eats too much hawthorn or hawthorn products during pregnancy, it can easily lead to miscarriage. Especially women who have had symptoms of threatened abortion and a history of spontaneous abortion, should ban this food.

Two, diabetic patients.

Patients with diabetes are not suitable for taking big hawthorn pills. The main ingredients of hawthorn pills are hawthorn and malt crushed, and a lot of honey and sucrose are added during the whole production process. As we all know, the content of sucrose is quite high, if diabetic patients use it, the symptoms will be aggravated鮮辣椒醬.

3. Patients with gastric ulcer.

If you have a bad stomach or suffer from gastric ulcers, hawthorn pills are not suitable for eating hawthorn pills. Hawthorn is the main ingredient of hawthorn pills and is an acidic ingredient. Friends with unhealthy stomachs eating too much hawthorn will cause the acidity in the stomach to increase significantly and the symptoms of gastric ulcers will aggravate.

Four. Patients with Qi deficiency.

It is also not advisable to take Dashanhawan Pills for patients with Qi deficiency, as all antiseptic drugs have the effect of consuming Qi. If there is food accumulation, it will help the body eliminate food accumulation, if there is no food accumulation, it will eliminate the vitality of the body. Therefore, patients with Qi deficiency should eat hawthorn pills as little as possible.

Fifth, patients with spleen deficiency.

Hawthorn is more significant to Kehua diet. If there is no excess food in the stomach, patients with spleen deficiency cannot function normally, which can cause bloating. Therefore, patients with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold should be used with caution. People with weak spleen and stomach easily lead to stagnant diet, so friends with weak spleen and stomach should focus on strengthening the spleen, supplemented by digestive drugs, to treat the symptoms and the root cause.

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