Where should fitness start? Have you done a set of recognized fitness procedures right?

Do you know where fitness should start? Many people do not master the basic knowledge of fitness, and will only exercise blindly, resulting in poor fitness effects and unable to achieve a satisfactory body shape.

To master the method of fitness exercise, the correct training steps can make you do more with less. Have you done a set of recognized fitness procedures right?

The first step is preparation.

Be prepared before exercising. For example, do not exercise on an empty stomach. Before exercising, eat some foods that can replenish energy, such as boiled eggs and bananas. This can play a very good role. Replenish a glass of water half an hour before fitness and wear comfortable fitness clothes to facilitate fitness exercises.

The second step is to warm up.

Warm-up is very important and cannot be ignored. How to warm up scientifically? Through dynamic stretching, move the joints of various parts of the body, and then jog or walk for 10 minutes to improve the blood circulation of the body, let the body enter the state of exercise, and reduce the possibility of injury.

The third step is formal training.

For formal fitness training, arrange strength training first, and then aerobic exercise. Whether it is muscle gain or fat loss, strength training cannot be ignored增高 運動.

Muscle builders arrange 40-60 minutes of strength training, 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 30-40 minutes of strength training, and 30-50 minutes of aerobic exercise at a time.

To obey: the principle that compound movements take precedence over individual movements, 4-6 movements are arranged for each target muscle group, and 10-15RM weight can increase muscle size.

We should allocate muscle training reasonably, instead of exercising the same muscle group every day. For the target muscle tissue, we should have a proper rest time. Large muscle groups should be rested for 3 days after each training, and small muscle groups should be rested for 2 days after training.

If you practice three times a week, you can do three-point training, one day for the chest muscles + arms, one day for the abdomen + gluteal muscles, one day for the shoulder and back muscles, and let the target muscles take turns to rest.

In terms of aerobic exercise, you should arrange suitable exercises according to your athletic ability, and don’t start high-intensity training. People who have no exercise foundation can start with low-intensity exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming, aerobic exercise, cycling, etc.

After a period of persistence, with the improvement of athletic ability, I switch to high-intensity training such as variable speed running and HIIT interval running, which can further promote the body to burn fat健身教練.

Step 4: Stretch and relax.

The last step in fitness is stretching. Stretching training can relax the main muscle groups of the body, improve congestion, relieve soreness, and promote body repair.

Static stretching only takes a few minutes, which can effectively improve the fitness effect. Do not take a shower immediately after working out. When the body no longer sweats and the body temperature returns to normal, we should take a warm bath.

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